I'm Jason Pedreros: an adventure-seeking, people loving obsessed wedding and senior portrait photographer. I love capturing details, meeting new people and listening to their stories...

Dog dad, Baylor, and adventures

about me

I was not always a photographer, nor was I born with a camera in my hands. Frustrated after failing my political science final, my freshman year. I decided to do something different. I went to BestBuy and bought myself two things: an AppleWatch and a Nikon D3400. The rest is history. 

It all started with me failing my college final.

about Me

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My Adventures

- Caroline 

"...I cannot recommend him enough, he is incredible! It is such a privilege to be one of Jason’s clients and have his photos to cherish in our home forever..." 


"...i have had multiple sessions done with him betweeen individual, couple and family pictures and still get endless compliments on them all..."


"...Jason puts any subject, including an awkward little duck like me at ease! he's fun and comes prepared!...

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